Friday, 14 January 2011

"Hit me with those laser beams" Holly Johnson

Today I feel knackered. I think its a combination of my recent dates and excursions, all the eating I've been doing lately but also I am going to bed far too late. I think that because I don't have to get up early at the moment, I'm rebelling against early mornings like a greasy teenager. The Wig and I have been staying up to watch our new favorite programme 'Boardwalk Empire', which by the way is excellent. You should check it out. It's more violent than I would like but I just close my eyes and ears to those bits,  its also rather 'sweary' at times but I let that go too. Its written by the chap who wrote the 'Sopranos' which I didn't get at all since I couldn't understand a word anyone was saying, by the diction in this programme is perfectly fine. 

So, in order to maybe feel a bit more perky and invigorated, The Wig and I are considering cashing in a voucher my older brother sent us last year for a massage. A full body massage to be precise. Gulp... I think at the time we received the voucher we were both very stressed so my brother kindly arranged it for us at a place in town. The Wig is supremely excited about this, I, however, am terrified. The thought of a massage has the potential to send me into a state of nervous spasm. I don't know why, they just give me the fear. Its not like I've had a traumatic experience or anything, I've only had 1 massage in my life before and it was absolutely fine. 5 years ago when I was in the middle of a relationship break up which meant selling our house, my head suddenly stopped having the ability to turn left or right. As usual I put it off but after a week of agony and resembling Eagle Eye GI Joe, I gave in and succumbed to a massage. It was actually great and sorted the problem straight away. But a full body massage? What does it mean? I'm not sure. And I'm certainly not sure if I'm ready for a non-medicinal pummel.

The other disturbing thing is that when we looked at the website for the massage place last night, they do all sorts of other things which just sound slightly strange. What does a Buttock and Thigh treatment involve and what on earth is an Intergluteal Cleft? And why would it need to be lasered off? I'm confused. But too scared to google it.

However, I'm going to be brave and try and book us in anyway as it was a lovely thought by my brother and I'm sure it will be just the ticket to rejuvenate my tired old bones (but hopefully they will be full till  June when the voucher expires). I just need to check if I they can do the massage through my North Face coat, corduroy slacks and wellington boots. Maybe I'll just smoke a joss stick instead.

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