Monday, 10 January 2011

Musty Pleasures

When I was at work, I would occasionally find myself day dreaming of all the things I would do if I wasn't at work. It usually happened whilst I was getting jip from a spark down the phone. So, you could say I was day dreaming quite a lot. The only problem is, that now I am not going into work, the reality isn't quite so straight forward. Unfortunately, you need money to do most things and when you don't have any coming in, its very hard to let it out with out feeling very guilty. I do need to be sensible but also I want to do some stuff, that was the point of resigning. Take today for example. I didn't want to spend much money what with another Dentist trip booked in for tomorrow and 2 lunch dates this week, but I also don't just want to sit around in my pants all day watching 'Homes under The Hammer' and not making the most of the time I have off. Its a dilemma. Ideally I would have gone aboard for a week or so to reflect on my current situation, but The Wig has to work and I don't fancy a holiday on my own. I've done it once and never again. So I went on a day trip to Lewes in Sussex as a compromise. The location choice wasn't as random as it sounds, I know there is quite a selection of shops selling old stuff there, which as I may have mentioned I RUDDY LOVE!

I promised myself that if the train fare cost more than eight quid (including my National Railcard discount), I wouldn't go. However, before I knew what was happening, I was boarding the train at Victoria, with a £15 ticket in my sweaty palm. The mysterious pull of musty old stuff was too tantalizing to resist. I think it might be a bit of a problem actually. Thinking abut sniffing around old stuff makes my heart beat a bit faster and makes me feel slightly hot. It's weird. I reckon its a bit like someone who likes crack. Anyway, Lewes was a triumph, so I didn't feel guilty about the train ticket, but now obviously I feel very guilty about all the old stuff I have brought back with me to my flat which is beginning to resemble the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. (Another excellent place to go if you like shrunken heads).

I have bought home the following items, obviously all extremely essential:

1 x Old scissors £2. You can never have too many pairs and they are from 1915. Superb quality
1 x Old wooden folding ruler £5. Excellent for measuring.
1 x Old Barclays Bank money bag £3. Not sure why yet, but I'll work it out. For holding loo rolls...?
1 x Old School picture £28 (?! I know!). For a wall I'm yet to find...
1 x Old Oak Cutlery tray £16. I have wanted one for ages.
1 x Old Museum Document case. Present for The Wig
1 x Present for my new niece but it's a secret (in case at 3 weeks old she can read this blog)
1 x Moneybox by Not old but very essential indeed.

I clearly cant be trusted.

Although it was most excellent to see a stuffed bear impersonating Tommy Cooper. That was worth fifteen quid alone.

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